Watch BBC iPlayer AbroadOne of the things that we British expats miss most is the ability to watch UK TV abroad. Fortunately there are a number of ways to do this  and we will show you how you can be accessing your favourite TV programmes in minutes. British TV via the internet, through a Slingbox hosting service or by satellite from anywhere in the world is not only possible but in the case of online television, very easy to achieve.

If you would like to skip straight to our recommended option for watching British TV Online from anywhere in the world you could try a UK VPN ServiceWe have spotted one that offers a 24 hour trial package which allows new customers to test out the speed of the system and also how easy it is to setup using some easy connection software for Windows.

Broadcasting restrictions placed on British companies licensed to broadcast programming to the UK audience, mean that satellite signals carrying UK programming are tightly focused on the UK., whilst internet based services such as BBC I Player / ITV Catchup and 4 On Demand are not available to computers accessing them from abroad

We Can Show You Ways to Watch Free UK TV from Abroad

We are pleased to report that after sifting through all of the confusing information available – we have discovered that there are indeed a number of ways that these restrictions can be circumvented and bypassed simply by using the methods that we will now pass on to you.

Before you browse away wondering what the catch is and how much you have to pay, let us reassure you that this is an information only site provided completely free of charge. We are expats who have experienced the frustration you have now and have found solutions that we want to share with you

Look through all of the information presented here and when you are reassured that it is indeed possible,  pick the method that suits your needs and in no time at all. you can be sitting back wherever you are in the world and watching your favourite programmes.

You Can Also Watch Subscription Services Like Skygo from Abroad

If you have a subscription to a paid TV service like Sky, you will be pleased to know that there is an option to watch your channels online. Why should you miss your favourite programmesd and sporting fixtures while you are on holiday. After all, you have paid a substantial monthly fee for the privilege. In the case of Sky, this is known as Skygo. You will need to log on to your VPN service so that you appear to be in the UK and then enter your Sky credentials in the user interface. You then register the device you are using by following the on-screen prompts and you are good to go.